My Approach

1 As we talk in my office, I want to help you better know, understand, and most importantly accept yourself. All too often we carry around with us hidden beliefs that we are not acceptable as we are.

"If only I were better at..."
"I am just not good enough in..."
"I am just a fraud"
"If anyone really knew who I was..."


We feel that we should be more like this or act more like that in order to be deserving of the relationships, either with partners, friends, family and work colleagues, that we really want. I aim to help my clients work through these core, unhelpful beliefs so that they can more fully live and wholeheartedly enjoy their lives and relationships. Together my clients and I work towards finding ways to be fully alive.

Using a combination of CBT, experiential and mindfulness based techniques, informed by attachment, relational, and psychodynamic theories, I aim to find a mixture that is right for you and your growth. When we agree to work together as therapist and client, I take that commitment to heart and aim to bring all of my professional experience to help you to be the person you want to be.